Jo – free from heroin by ANR

Video about ANR treatment from Jo, Switzerland

Adrian – free from heroin by ANR

Video about ANR treatment from Adrian, Switzerland

Tomas – free from heroin by ANR

Video about ANR treatment from Tomas, Switzerland

“I can think clearly again”

R.S.; 1965 – Ocycontin high dosage

After a shingles (herpes zoster) I fell ill with a so-called postherpetic neuralgia. Due to this disease I suffer from chronic pain in the shoulder and chest area. After various methods of pain relief were unsuccessful, it was decided to treat me with opioid-based painkillers. Due to a steady dose increase, I became dependent on these drugs and my personality changed.

In the end I had to take very high doses every day so that I could still cope with my work. As the pain continued to intensify despite the constant increase in dosage, the doctor advised me to undergo withdrawal treatment. At the same time I heard about the ANR withdrawal method, which was not available in Switzerland. So we travelled to Israel. After the treatment I gradually realized that I had been given a whole new life. I can think clearly again and take an active part in longer conversations.

This was only possible before with the use of my last strength. When my family received me at the airport, they were surprised at the visible change that had taken place. The pain of postherpetic neuropathy has not yet been completely overcome, but I have received valuable advice on how to deal with it. Successfully applied, I experienced that the pain disappeared within a short time without having taken any pain medication. As a consolidating treatment I have to take medication until further notice, which prevents the desire for the opiates.

In summary, I can say that the treatment was a complete success. I am completely convinced of this method and very much hope that in the near future it will also be possible in Switzerland, which is medically so far developed, to liberate people in this way from their addiction to addictive substances.

This is the first patient to be treated as part of the ANR Switzerland pilot project. Nothing has changed in his assessment.

I was prescribed morphine for years for reasons of pain and I decided to undergo ANR withdrawal because I realized over time that morphine had changed me a lot and I had become addicted to it. I have been completely free of morphine ever since and am very happy about it. I can only write good things about this treatment and would recommend it at any time. I got very professional and good advice from the team before I made the decision.

I have had absolutely no desire for morphine since the treatment, and have since found another way to deal with pain. If needed I take light painkillers and do physiotherapy and sports (as far as I can). For the duration of the treatment I was cared for very well, also in the days, weeks and months afterwards and was able to contact the team at any time.

The only negative point is that the costs are not covered by the health insurance. In my opinion, the method is much cheaper than other therapies, which are associated with weeks of hospitalization and require long psychological treatments. In my opinion, the method is very efficient and effective.

The initial situation was not quite clear, especially since this patient had a phase of illegal heroin use in the past, in addition to the pain illness. The result – as with all treated patients – was a complete disappearance of the (physical) desire for opioids.

“I’ve had absolutely no craving for morphine since the treatment.”

B.B.; 1952 – morphine pills

“If you have the will and the necessary motivation, you can successfully get out of the drug world with ANR.”

E.C.; 1976 – Diaphin (heroin program)

ANR was the best thing that could have happened to me. If you have the will and the motivation, you can successfully get out of the drug world with ANR. My motivation was my son, my mother and the desire to have another child.

My problem was the fear of withdrawal, because I always had to vomit massively during previous withdrawals. After the ANR treatment I wasn’t doing very well, but I didn’t have “withdrawal” and above all no vomiting, which was already half the battle for me.

On the other hand, I could hardly sleep and had hot and cold feelings. But both disappeared with time and without new medication. Except, of course, naltrexin, which I had to take for a few more months.

I thank Dr. Waismann very sincerely for his procedure, which made a new life possible for me and wish him all the best.

This patient was in the heroin program for several years, was a mother and had a permanent job, as well as no connection to the drug scene. Based on previous experience, she would never have undergone conventional withdrawal treatment again. In this sense, ANR was her only chance for a drug-free life.

I’m doing very well, apart from a flu, although even that was a stimulating experience. I am now fit and 100% involved in the work process again since 2 weeks. But all this doesn’t fully occupy me, which is why I have other things on my track – like sports, additional hobbies, things to do etc… I also notice that I am drawn to people – I used to be a hermit, now I am much more aware and social.

The only thing that is still adjusting, and which will probably take some time, is my sleep. I always wake up in the half-way point, mostly sweaty, and I still don’t really dream, at least I can’t remember it. But after the long dry spell for my body, that’s all still in the process.

I am extremely grateful that I have been given the opportunity to participate in the ANR procedure, which convinced me right from the start. I have my life, my family, my body and so many other things back!

This patient was in the heroin program for several years, had family and a job and no connection to the drug scene. Unfortunately he consumed cocaine once at a party and couldn’t sleep for several nights afterwards. As an “old” prescription he used a small dose of heroin. The relapse was on track. He was then treated a second time, this time successfully.

“I am involved 100% in the work process again.”

Z.F.; 1974 – Diaphin (heroin program)

“a new life”

F.M.; 1972 – heroin

I wish you and the whole family a Merry Christmas. Thank you once again for my new life.

Thank you for your commitment. At the moment I have very close and good contact with my brother. Sadly our mother cannot experience this any more… I consider the result of the ANR a complete success. Again many thanks and further much success.

– Statement of the brother

This patient weighed 47 kg before the treatment. After leaving, he confessed to me that he would have committed suicide if it had not worked. He is back at work 100%.

It’s moving forward step by step. I started training 3-4 times a week in the gym. My body is reacting positively already. Metabolism etc. change.

I force myself to drink a lot of water. Soon I will travel to France and try to stop smoking there as well. That’s a big hurdle, but I’ll make it as well. As you can see, I’m staying tuned and moving forward. I would like to thank you again for this great opportunity and the new life to which you and your team have contributed so much. I am very, very happy.

This patient of the first treatment cycle in Switzerland has undergone an impressive change both externally and in his personal attitude and has since motivated many addicts from his circle of acquaintances to undergo treatment.

“Step by step”

S.P.; 1979 – Methadone

” I feel free and have new energy for my projects.”

T.St.; 1970 – Methadone low dosed

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your commitment. I no longer need any additional medication and feel so awesome that I can hardly put it into words. I feel free and have new energy for my projects.

This patient needed only small amounts of methadone before the ANR treatment, but failed again and again because of the last 5-10 mg.

My Santa Claus did come already a long ago. He came when I was in Interlaken. I was given a new life and I feel absolutely great. I never thought the result of mi stay in Interlaken would be so astonishing. Mi urge for dope is completely gone. Even when I was visiting my dealer and he was waving a bag of brown powder under mi nose and I could smell the taste of it – nothing happened. Before I would have got a sweaty nose and moist hands. Absolutely nothing – unbelievable…!

Before I always knew, even when I stopped taking dope, that the desire to take «H» would accompany me till death. Now for the first time in my life, I really feel, that my problem is gone forever and will never occur again. For this I thank you until the end of my life. You are great guys…



Interesting case, since this patient showed a heavy dependence despite only sporadic consumption. It was only after the treatment that he became aware of this.

“Even when I was visiting my dealer … – nothing happened.”

O.T.; 1971 – Heroin

“I have an enormous joy in my heart”

St.P.; 1972 – Methadone highly dosed

I am so well, I can live again and enjoy my family. I have an enormous joy in my heart! The people around me see a new person. My sleep has changed, I don’t have to sleep so much anymore and I am usually top fit early in the morning.

This patient has an impressive history. Most psychiatrists would attest him a heavy and above all chronic addiction personality, particularly since heavy abuse experiences contributed to it.

Normality is slowly returning. I still feel very weak, but was able to make my first paragliding flights again. Head and body gradually come together. Today I start to increase my training (jogging, strength) a little. Sleeping works well (up to 4 hours). At the moment only the evening powerlessness and the headaches are still a problem. But I am confident that things will continue to go uphill. Thoughts about drugs produce zero reaction. I could never imagine consuming anything.

This patient was stable for several months after ANR, but suffered a severe stroke of fate, which he met with renewed drug use. This led to serious medical complications.

“Thoughts about drugs produce zero reaction”

St. D.; 1970 – Methadone

“I was very concerned that the psychological problems would flare up”

W.C.; 1956 – Codein

The treatment itself was more intense than expected due to my very high codeine consumption. The first night I had to struggle with severe pain and restlessness. However, the pain had already disappeared the following day, as had the restlessness. I felt very weak but very good and satisfied. The weakness continued for a few days, as did the diarrhoea. I found the treatment at the Interlaken hospital pleasant. I found the discussions with the team very helpful. My husband and I felt well informed and accompanied.

I was very concerned that the psychological problems would flare up because I was suffering from a post-traumatic stress disorder. However, I quickly felt very balanced and had no crisis in this respect. The stress disorder is still there but I was able to take very big steps forward because I now have a clear head to deal with it in a differentiated way. I never had withdrawal symptoms or addictive pressure again. However, I cannot yet say what it will be like without Naltrexin.

In summary, I would like to state that this was probably my only chance and I used it and it worked. Thank God.

Because of PTSD, the prognosis was unclear. But also with this patient a phenomenon manifested itself, which we may observe again and again – psychological disturbances experience a clear improvement after the treatment or disappear completely.

At the end of August 2013 I did the ANR withdrawal in Interlaken. Since that day, I am abstinent from all mind-altering substances. I have built up my life and my social structures and I am again a productive member of our society. I am happy to have a new carer in the disabled sector in an 80 % permanent position. It doesn’t work “just like that”. It needs my desire and will to live drug-free. The ANR treatment has helped me a lot. Many thanks to all involved!

This patient had been in withdrawal clinics countless times before, mostly for several months, because depressive episodes and suicidal crises played along again and again.

“I am a productive member of the society again”

I.R.; 1963 – Buprenorphin

“j’ai retrouvé toute mon énergie”

H.M. ; 1987 – Diaphin (Heroinprogramm)

Hello dear Doctor! I’m very well, thank you. The first few months after the ANR were not always easy. But now I have regained all my energy and my life is much better! I would like to thank you again sincerely for your work and that of Dr. Waismann. Sincerely.

This patient was in the heroin program for several years before ANR because all other treatments failed. He is now studying languages at a university in Western Switzerland.

After 6 weeks of persistent vomiting and repeated hospitalizations, I went into stationary rehabilitation. I had lost 10 kg of weight and Bekhterev’s disease hit me with full force. All I could do was lie in bed and howl in pain. After neither cortisone nor modern antirheumatics helped, the treating doctors prescribed a low-dose opioid therapy with scheduled substance shifts and breaks.

Since the ANR treatment I have had a differentiated attitude towards the opiates, only taking them when the pain is unbearable – before the opiates were an addictive substance. I am proud and glad that I now have the whole thing under control in this way. It enables me to live a life with social contacts again. But with my illness I will have to take opiates every now and then. Surely I won’t go back to where I was.

Here the difficult initial situation of a severe pain illness, combined with a psychiatric disturbance and an addiction illness arose. The patient took such high doses of opiates that we had never seen before in the team. In purely formal terms, this is a treatment interruption with a “relapse”. On the other hand, the ANR treatment had positive effects.

“Since the ANR treatment I have had a differentiated attitude towards the opiates”

S.M.; 1971 – Oxycontin highly dosed

“He could suddenly think so clearly and coherently “

I.M.; 1978 – Diaphin (heroin program)

You were certainly one of the crucial people in the life of Mr. I. He had trouble with the real world, with our system and with himself after the ANR treatment. He could suddenly think so clearly and coherently without repeatedly fleeing into drugs. The memory of a lot of bad things during his addiction (…). He was totally ashamed and had severe depressions, hardly wanted to live anymore.

Today, almost 7 months after the treatment, the current development is very pleasing. Also the family is pleased. There was another setback with cocaine. Currently he works 8 hours a day, helps other people and slowly gets a firmer hold in everyday life. We thank you for this form of treatment. You would immediately recognize the difference with him. (Coach of the patient)

After exactly one year the patient decided to live with drugs again. This seemed to fit better to his revolutionary core…