ANR treatment - explained by founder Dr. Andre Waismann

ANR treatment

course of the treatment

ANR is a drug procedure for opioid withdrawal that was developed by Dr. Andre Waismann. It is performed under anaesthesia in a hospital. It does not matter whether it is illegal drugs (e.g. heroin), substitution drugs (e.g. methadone) or painkillers (e.g. morphine or codeine preparations).

The treatment consists of three steps:

  • Information, screening and prior clarification by the specialist ANR
  • Treatment under anaesthesia in a specialised hospital
  • Aftercare by the specialist ANR and the general practitioner

result of the treatment

ANR is more than a “withdrawal”

The term Accelerated Neuro Regulation means that it is not just a “withdrawal”, but a medicinal procedure in which the addictive dysfunction of the so-called opioid receptors in the brain is corrected. On the one hand, this accelerates the withdrawal, so that it must be carried out under anaesthesia. On the other hand, the blockage of the receptors cancels any desire for opioids.

Why ANR is different

Restore the body - the ANR approach

financing the treatment

Since the ANR procedure in Switzerland is not (yet) paid for by the health insurance funds, it usually has to be financed privately. We will be happy to help you clarify the financing options.

Individual services can be invoiced via health insurance. If you are insured in a so-called “Hausarztmodell” (insurance that is tied to your general practitioner), it is important that you apply to your general practitioner for a referral for the billable services.

For foreign patients, we recommend that you clarify as early as possible whether any benefits will be covered in Switzerland. We recommend at least the inclusion of emergency services.